Here Comes the Nebula Awards Weekend

This weekend is the Nebula Awards Weekend! I’m very lucky that the conference will be held in Arlington, VA, just down the street from my house.

The Nebula Awards Weekend is a weekend-long conference for professional and aspiring authors, editors, and agents in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. It’s organized by SFWA, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, a trade group supporting professionals in the industry.

The highlight of weekend is the Nebula Awards banquet, where individuals will be honored with awards for Best Short Story, Best Novelette, Best Novella, Best Novel, as well as for Best Screenplay and the Andre Norton Award for Best YA Novel. There are some exceptional nominees this year. You can read many of the stories online for free.

For writers such as myself, the Nebula Awards Weekend is an incredible opportunity to meet professionals in the industry, to network, and to feel part of a larger community. Last year’s conference was a transformative experience for me; you can read about it here. I am looking forward an equally exciting experience this year.

This year’s conference will be filled with both new and familiar faces. I’m equally excited to talk to both. In addition, this year I’ll be accompanied not only by Nathan McKnight, but also by Evan Dicken, C Liddle, and Hannah Durucher, all talented authors in their own right.

If you remember me from last year, and you’ll be at the conference this weekend, please stop and say hello. I’d love to chat with you again. I met so many fantastic people last year.

Just a few more hours… I can hardly wait!


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