Lauren’s Adventure – Camino de Santiago de Compostela (Days 1-3)

Day 1 (May 5)

Lauren’s journey began Sunday, May 5 with a Buen Camino party at our house. Lauren made wonderful breakfast treats and many of our friends came to see Lauren off and wish her well. Thank you all for coming! It made the morning very special.

Lauren's Buen Camino party.
Lauren’s Buen Camino party.

Lauren was schedule to fly from Baltimore (BWI) to New York (JFK) to Barcelona (BCN). There was an hour layover in New York before the Barcelona flight began. Unfortunately, the flight out of BWI was delayed by about half an hour, but fortunately, Lauren made it onto the Barcelona flight without incident. Even better, she got to ride in business class, which on international flights makes a world of difference.

Despite the cushy business class, Lauren was too excited to get any sleep on the flight over.

Day 2 (May 6)

Lauren arrived in Barcelona early Monday morning (May 6) – around 7 AM. Her initial goal was to obtain an Credencial, or Pilgrim’s Passport, which is a sort of official pilgrim document. It gets you discounted or free room and board at many hotels and hostels along the route. It also constitutes an official document of your journey for purposes of receiving a Compostela (or Certificate of Accomplishment) upon completion.

Unfortunately, she was not able to obtain a credecial in Barcelona, so she quickly hurried to the train station and booked passage to Pamplona, a train ride of several hundred kilometers.

She had a very happy train ride and arrived in Pamplona a little after 7 in the evening. She had dinner and then headed to sleepytown in a small but cozy pencion (a sort of discount hotel for travelers) in Pamplona later that evening.

The square in Pamplona
The square in Pamplona
Lauren goes to the Church for her Credencial.
Lauren goes to the Church for her Credencial.

Day 3 (May 7)

Lauren got her credencial this morning and set out walking around 11 AM, thinking how crazy she must be!

After several hours of walking, she stopped in the small town of Zariquiegui to rest and relax. She didn’t want to push it too hard on her first day of walking. She’s still jet lagged!

At dinner, she met several other friendly travelers, one of whom wrote about her on his own blog. The best part is, he took a picture of her, so here’s Lauren in Spain!

Another view from the road.
Another view from the road.
A view from the road.
A view from the road.
Hostel in Zariqueigui

Day 2

Onto the trail
Onto the trail
The rolling hills of Navarra
The rolling hills of Navarra
Lauren at a cafe in Zaraquigue

You can read the other traveler’s blog post and see many of his beautiful pictures here. English is not his first language, but his blog entry is absolutely readable. His photos are stunning and will give you an idea of the experience that Lauren is having.

Tomorrow, Lauren is planning a long hike to the town of Lorca. I’ll update in another few days after I have some more reports from her. So exciting!

NOTE – Spain is 6 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time.


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