Lauren’s Adventure – Camino de Santiago de Compestela (Day 9)

A brief update today. Most importantly, I have added photos Lauren provided to the earlier posts. Check them out!

Days 1-3

Days 4-5

Day 9 (May 13)

After her day of train-riding across the countryside, Lauren is feeling newly invigorated. With Santiago only 160 miles away, it feels as if the end goal is within striking distance, but there are still weeks of walking between where she stands now and the Cathedral in Santiago. With nowhere to go but ahead, Lauren sets out once again using the most ancient form of travel.

Today, the landscape and towns are quite different from Navarra and Rioja. The landscape is dotted with low stone walls and the villages are made of stone, too. The low houses have roofs of slate or thatch.

Lauren arrived today in Rabanal del Camino after a 13 mile hike. The Knights Templar maintained a garrison in the town in the 12th century to guard pilgrims. Today, Lauren is staying in the barn of a monastery, which has been converted to a refugio with bunk beds and other simple amenities. She reports that the village is very small and totally charming. She also has a sore throat.




5 thoughts on “Lauren’s Adventure – Camino de Santiago de Compestela (Day 9)

  1. Bear Arellano

    Shannon ~ thank you very much for the beautiful prose capturing Lauren’s journey. I enjoy your weaving the personal emotional connection with the facts, figures and commentary along with the added connection of the historical anecdotes. Well done.

    Lauren ~ sending many good thoughts and powerful prayers your way. May this journey and pilgrimage bring much searching and discovery. You are connecting with your ancestral lineage while defining your present self. You are strong and powerful, kind and compassionate, blessed and a blessing. May you be inspired, for you are certainly inspiring others. with much love. ~ Bear

  2. Bear Arellano

    Grandma Hilda just read Shannon’s blog and sends a message: “Hi Lauren! I wish I could be with you travelling El Camino de Santiago. But, as much as I like to walk, I don’t think my feet could walk that much. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your wonderful adventure. I’m saying special prayers for you. I love you” . ~ Grandma Hilda

  3. Bev & Tony

    Lauren, as I sit here with tears in my eyes, I am so proud of you for having the courage to follow your dreams! At the end of your road of life, you will be able to say, I accomplished all I dreamed of doing! Kudos to you beautiful daughter, live it for me also! I send you energy and prayers every day, I love you so much! Congratulations, Mom

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