Reggae Choir!

Of all the things I have had the pleasure of doing during my time here in London, joining a local reggae choir has probably made me smile the most. Really, is there anything that can make you feel better than singing reggae?

I was walking down the street one day and happened past one of my local pubs, The Grafton. There was a sign out front that said “Reggae Choir.” Having nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon, and hoping to enjoy some reggae music, I stopped in. Upstairs, I found the small group of locals being coached by Fola Phillip who runs these local reggae choirs around London.

You can learn more about reggae choir here.

Fola and the other singers were all incredibly welcoming. We began practicing, and over a period of six weeks learned four songs. I wouldn’t say we’re perfect, but we don’t sound too terrible!


Okay, okay – so we sound like a pack of rabid hyenas.  Still, we had fun!


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