How I Became a Writer

Reading with my Dad. I'm in the middle.
Reading with my Dad. I’m in the middle.


Here’s why I am a writer:

From the time my brother and I were five or six years old, our parents made a deal with us. If we would go to bed at a reasonable hour (rather than laying in front of the television), our Dad would read to us.

I can only imagine that as a five year-old I was skeptical, but I gave it a chance.

He started out with The Hobbit. This went over so well that he then read us the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy!

He did voices for all of the characters, from Bilbo to Smaug to Aragorn. On-the-fly, he edited out parts of Lord of the Rings that were overly violent. He made fantastic worlds and adventures come to life in my mind.

After Lord of the Rings, he read us the novelizations of the original three Star Wars movies. Then I’m pretty sure he read us Watership Down by Richard Adams. After that, we were still hungry for Tolkien, so he read us the entire trilogy again!

I fell in love with heroes, with imaginary places, with magic. I fell in love with stories.

It’s why I write.


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