Story Day: Kritik


The Painter at His Easel by Honoré Daumier

Hello Friends,

I’m delighted to share with you a new story published today in the inaugural issue of Speculative City, Kritik.

This story was born out of a writing experiment. In it, I was using an image I had seen (not the one above, which the editors kindly and appropriately chose for this piece) as a vehicle for a story. The image was particularly disturbing. I enjoy surrealist art, creepy art, and disturbing art, and I thought it would be fun to do a story taking a sort of Lovecraftian twist on the power of art. It wasn’t until much later that I remembered Lovecraft’s story, Pickman’s Model, and I realized that something of that story had permeated through my subconscious into my own work.

Kritik was also an experiment in writing flash fiction. As a flash piece, it fails, because it is just over 1,400 words long (flash is typically under 1,000 words), but it is one of the shortest stories that I have managed to write that feels like a complete work. In further experimenting with the work, I chose to write it in first person plural, my intention being to give the reader an invitation, a sense of participation in the story. My hope is that the effect allows you, the reader, to be a part of us, the characters in the story, a silent lurker in the corner, witnessing the horrors unfolding before you.

I hope you enjoy!

Special thanks goes to the editors of Speculative City, Meera Velu and Devon Montgomery, who put an enormous amount of love and hard work into their new magazine. Speculative City looks fantastic and I am humbled to have my words appear next to the work of so many other talented writers and artists.


One thought on “Story Day: Kritik

  1. Tony Rampe

    Congratulations on another published work!

    Very creepy tale, and well written! I enjoyed it!

    Love, Pop


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