The Great Streaming Experiment – Day 1

Last night, I live-streamed the creation of a new story on It was equal parts fun and nerve-wracking.

The genesis of this idea came to me about a year ago, when thinking about different ways of engaging with the community. I lack the commitment for regular twitter use and Facebook is mostly a dumpster fire these days, but I enjoy watching others stream, so I came up with the idea to write a story live on Twitch.

The idea here is to engage in the creative process with an audience. So as I stream each week, viewers can respond to my story and post ideas directly into the chat. I’ll do my best to incorporate their ideas into the story in ways that make sense. Viewers get to be a part of the creative experience, and the story we create will be one which we all have had a say in. And hopefully, it’s fun for me to do, and fun for viewers to watch.

I was so happy to have 30 different viewers show up to check out the stream last night. Thank you all! It was really a lot more fun and exciting streaming for a live audience than just pretending that someone was there. And thank you all for the feedback and ideas that you shared during the stream. You made the story better and you made the process fun.

All art is made for an audience, and is therefore performative in some way. But with fiction, the performance itself happens in the background, unseen by the audience. Putting myself on stream while writing ripped away that veil of protection. There were moments I felt nearly paralyzed with the awareness that my viewers were chewing on each word as I wrote it; that if I wrote something stupid or awkward or that didn’t make sense, you all would see it happen right there in front of you! It wasn’t easy!

I’ll be posting updates going forward. You can read the story as I create it right here . And you can view videos of my recordings each week here. Finally, the plan is to stream each Tuesday at 8 PM ET, so if you think this idea sounds like fun, stop by!




2 thoughts on “The Great Streaming Experiment – Day 1

  1. You shaved your beard at least one day too soon…

    When you said “This is really weird!” I was cracking up. Bravo on this creative endeavor. You are bold. And your face is currently too cold.

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