Lost Worlds and Other Tales


White Bone Spirit is a hard-boiled fantasy rooted in the rich noir history of the 1920’s—thank Raymond Chandler writing Hellboy.

Sorcerer Dean Tychus fled Shanghai after accidentally freeing a malevolent demon known as the White Bone Spirit. He arrives in San Francisco, where the arcane detective Alex Lee takes him under her wing and puts him to work dealing with thieving stage magicians, a New York fatcat, and a hostile takeover of the city by Harry Houdini. But when the bodies begin to pile up, Dean learns that he didn’t leave the demon behind when he left Shanghai.

White Bone Spirit is the first book of a loosely connected three-book series. I am currently writing the second book in the series.

I am currently seeking agent representation for White Bone Spirit. If you are interested, please contact me.

Song of the Ziggurat is a gritty coming-of-age story with one foot in young adult and one foot in urban fantasy. It is a story about how one young man tries to come to terms with his own identity and to learn trust in a world where he is continually treated as an outcast or a tool. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me.

You can learn more about Song of the Ziggurat here.


Read and listen to my stories for free online!

Ghost Parade

A near-lifeless ship drifts across the void. A commander, searching for absolution, crosses a field of stars, an icy sea, and a barren wasteland before finding answers.

Read it here.

The Titan’s Daughter (with Evan Dicken)

Célia, daughter of the infamous New Orleans inventor, Hippolyte Theroux, is must uncover the secret behind the failure of her father’s greatest invention, the Titan, before a deadly storm scours the city.

Listen to it on the Gallery of Curiosities podcast.


Palaver Williams wants to “tear out the entrails” of art. He paints nightmares to drive a whole city mad.

Read it at Speculative City.


Card Sheffield-Okeke is President of the Solar System, and he’s got a big problem. Man-eating alien lizards are wiping out the galaxy, one planet at a time. A short story about political extremism, the media, and good old-fashioned alien invasions.

Read it here.



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