Set in 1926, White Bone Spirit is a hard-boiled fantasy. Andrew Tychus is a sorcerer-scholar who comes to San Francisco after being ousted from Shanghai for his involvement in freeing a particularly powerful and nasty demon. He finds employment with a supernatural detective agency and becomes entangled in a case involving a stolen artifact, a beautiful stage magician’s assistant, and a powerful New York fat cat. Meanwhile, Harry Houdini and the Society of American Magicians are threatening to take over the town and drive out the local cabal. But when dead bodies start piling up, Andrew realizes that the demons of his past have a way of literally catching up to him.

Third draft is in the works. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me.

Song of the Ziggurat is a gritty coming-of-age story with one foot in young adult and one foot in urban fantasy. It is a story about how one young man tries to come to terms with his own identity and to learn trust in a world where he is continually treated as an outcast or a tool. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me.

You can learn more about Song of the Ziggurat here.



White Bone Spirit

The inspiration for the novel, this short story tells how Andrew Tychus, a student of sorcery hungry for recognition, allowed himself to be fooled into freeing a powerful Chinese demon.

The Hound, the Witch, and the Farmer’s Daughter

Lagmand, a Justicar of Tarkus, is on the hunt for a rogue witch. When he accepts help from the farmer’s daughter, Elle, he’ll get more than he bargained for.

The Titan’s Daughter

(with Evan Dicken)

Célia, daughter of the infamous New Orleans inventor, Hippolyte Theroux, is blackmailed by her white aunt into investigating the failure of her father’s greatest invention, the Titan, before a deadly storm scours the city.

Ghost Parade

A near-lifeless ship drifts across the void. A commander, searching for absolution, crosses a field of stars, an icy sea, and a barren wasteland before finding answers.

Assistant to a Judge of Hell

San Guan, Assistant to a Judge of Hell, must convince the pig-headed new arrival, Pan Xiaojian to take over his job, or he’ll be stuck in the infernal bureaucracy of hell for another thousand years!


Anne is keeping something in the basement…


Palaver Williams wants to “tear out the entrails” of art. He paints nightmares to drive a whole city mad.

The Fall: A Panoply

Sarpedon, an immortal Posthuman who could want for nothing, becomes curious about the remaining humans who are now kept on reservations. With the aid of his friend, Coriolanus, He will violate every taboo of his culture to learn about them.

Six Degrees of Zombie Kevin Bacon 

(with Carl Duzett)

Noir. With Zombies.


Set in the same world as The Skylords of AgathonReignition is a short story about Karma, a girl resurrected to serve the god of the dead. When she uncovers a mystery within the cult, she’ll be forced to play detective or face being “extinguished.”

The Fifth Mattress

(with Nathan McKnight)

Will trudges across Antarctica with the help of the penguin Benny in search of the fabled Fifth Mattress. Along the way, he has to face some hard truths about himself and his twin brother Luke.


Card Sheffield-Okeke is President of the Solar System, and he’s got a big problem. Man-eating alien lizards are wiping out the galaxy, one planet at a time, but total pacifism is the political mode of the day. A short story about political extremism, the media, and good old-fashioned alien invasions.



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